As a foundational structure of spiritual awakening, the Awakening Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training is open to anyone who feels the call of deep transformation and wants to discover their true Self. It is aimed at people who seek to meet their soul mission, spread their radiance, inspire those around them and have a positive impact on their environment. This training is not only for those who wish to teach this practice. However, whatever your activity, a teacher lies dormant in you. Are you ready to lead the way? Are you ready to change your vibrational frequency and develop your ability to observe? Are you ready to activate your healing power? Are you ready to live your heart’s dream?

Join us !

The call of the Self

It is the law of synchronicity that attracts you to read these lines right now. You have been guided this far and you have responded to the inner call you felt. Welcome to Amrit Nam Sarovar School! For forty years – and already twenty years in Domaine Le Martinet, we have supported all those who wish to expand. Over a thousand kundalini yoga teachers have been trained here and return regularly to set foot on this land because they have found their second home. The one where their true Self revealed itself to them. The Awakening Level 1 training offered at Amrit Nam Sarovar School is unrivaled worldwide. It therefore requires that you have already taken actual Kundalini Yoga classes delivered by certified teachers (and not just online if possible) before committing. Awakening Level 1 consists of four modules spread over seven months, between March and September. Three modules of four days each, plus a seven-day module in July. These modules are taught by our team in French and English (as well as German and Russian when necessary).

Awakening Level 1 training program

The Awakening Level 1 training course taught at Domaine Le Martinet invites you to experience the transformative power of the teachings on a sacred land. During the training, the seven chapters address the history and philosophy of yoga, the scale of subtlety, the dynamics of kundalini yoga, the five elements, the oriental physiology, the study of the chakras, the energetic bodies, the karma and universal laws, mind and meditation, health, yogic lifestyle, kriyas, asanas, pranayama and the spiritual path. In less than a year, we’ll be sharing the foundational tools that will allow you to develop your intuition, raise your vibrational frequency, and get to the end of limiting patterns that prevent you from accessing your true Self. In addition to studying 21 kriyas (sequences of postures) in depth and understanding how each posture impacts the body and mind, you will identify the challenges – that were unconscious until then – you have been facing. A good opportunity to discover the hidden knots, blocks and avoidance mechanisms that obstruct your path. And the chance to release the unresolved energy that you though was the only possible norm. Based on experience rather than theory, this unique training will allow you to integrate the teachings and the tools of yoga into your daily life, whether you feel like teaching Kundalini Yoga at the end of your training or not. After completing the Awakening Level 1 final exam, you will be given a certificate attesting the follow-up and completion of the training (200 hours).

Why choose Amrit Nam Sarovar rather than another training school ?

  • We have 40 years of experience and we have trained several thousands of teachers worldwide.
  • Our programs are constantly updated by our teacher team in order to stay connected to the present energies while honoring the ancestral spiritual teachings.
  • Our training is taught in the heart of the French Alps, in contact with the founding elements, in a sacred valley, activated by healers and spiritual guides. When coming to Le Martinet, you will experience a true healing land.
  • Our training is based on experience rather than theory. Only the experience gives you access to the true wisdom and understanding.
  • Our mentoring process is unique : students are gathered in small working groups, guided by a mentor. In addition to the on-site modules, we offer video-conferences online so that anyone can share his realizations and difficulties throughout the learning process. These moments of exchange continue after the last module in order to guarantee an optimal support of each student.
  • Liberated from any dogmatic or sectarian thought, we make a major distinction between spirituality and religion. No dress code in Amrit Nam Sarovar.
  • During the immersion week in July, you will have the opportunity to meet and practice with other Awakening Level 1 students from all over the world. An amazing opportunity to open to other cultures but also create an inspiring and supporting network worldwide.
  • Joy, unconditional love, compassion and kindness are the absolute values declined through all our courses. The mission that is most important to us is to allow you to reach your highest potential, so that you can play your unique role, essential to the current transformation of humanity.
  • To have a positive impact on all kind of life is at the heart of our values : our school seeks to bring consciousness in all the behaviors of the daily life. The meals that are serve at Amrit Nam Sarovar are organic, vegetarians, and respectful of the principles of Ayrveda and naturopathy. We are engaged in the respect of Mother Earth and the environment in each of our choices. From the cleaning products to the organic care products available in the bathrooms, every detail is designed to minimize the human impact on Earth.
  • If you want to know more about our mission, just click here.

Two accommodation options are available to the students during their training at Amrit Nam Sarovar, in the Domaine Le Martinet. You can choose to camp in the domaine and bring your tent, mattress and sleeping bag. Collective bathrooms and restrooms are available to campeurs. If you don’t have a tent, the school offers some tents to rent (please contact us via email to book one). During the module 1, you will either stay at the Domaine Le Martinet (depending on the available spots) or at another accommodation in the village, near to the school.

During the modules 2 and 4, you will have the opportunity to either camp or book a room in Le Martinet. During the module 3 (the immersion week in July), all the students are invited to connect with nature by sleeping in a tent on Le Martinet land.
If you wish to know more about the land, the place, the rooms available, or the meals,
click on this link. For any other question, please read our F.A.Q (Frequent Asked Questions).

Registration and cancellation policy

Our registration will be confirmed once you pay a €300 deposit by credit or debit card. Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation email. You can choose to pay the training entirely or in three installments. In case you have to cancel your participation to the training, please make sure to inform us as soon as possible. Please note that in case of cancelling your registration, €150 of the €300 deposit are non-refundable (management fees).


Another question? Please read carefully our FAQ before contacting us by email.

What if you can’t travel up to us?

If your personal or geographical situation doesn’t allow you to travel up to us in the French Vercors area, our International School has many branches abroad as well as qualified teachers that offer Amrit Nam Sarovar trainings in their respective countries. Although they are taught locally following a rhythm defined by the local teachers, these Awakening Level 1 courses are united by the same values. In addition to their training in their respective countries, the students meet during the immersion week in July in France, at Amrit Nam Sarovar.
This is the moment when all the participants gather on the sacred domain of Le Martinet, in the French Alps, less than an hour from Grenoble. This essential week to the Level 1 training allows the students of different cultures and languages to create a group awareness. If you want more info about the dates and rates of these trainings abroad, please contact the local organizers on the page
An International School.